Terms & Conditions

The Clearcase Duration of Hold Calculator determines the duration of hold for the specified legal text according to BCAP's Guidance on Superimposed text. An explanation of this is given in Appendix 3 Section 10 of Clearcast Notes of Guidance.

The "Your Products/Brands" table allows you to enter the exact wording (case sensitive) of your brands and products that are associated with the legal text so that they can be excluded from the duration calculation.

The figures quoted by this application should be used as a guide only and duration of hold time can be affected by other things including, but not limited to, appearance of Supers during legal text.

Where a legal on screen consists of four or more lines, this calculator should not be used as the calculation is slightly different.

In case of any doubt please contact the Traffic Team at Clearcast.

Clearcast accept no liability for production of Copy with incorrectly timed Legals resulting either directly or indirectly from the use of this application.

This application is the property of Clearcast Ltd. Distribution, sale, copying or any form of duplication of this application is strictly prohibited.